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Santuario de San Pedro Bautista



1590 – February 17 - the whole area (San Franciso del Monte) was donated to the Franciscan   missionaries by Governor General Santiago de Vera. It was  Fray Pedro Bautista himself who received the donation on behalf of the friars.

1590-1591. - The first church was made of bamboo and nipa. The church was dedicated to Our Lady of the Montecelli. It was intended to be used as a retreat house and a novitiate.

1593 – Wood, clay and natural stones were used for the stronger construction  of the church that lasted until 1599.

1599 –Solid stones were used and refined stones were later added. The  foreman was Capitan Pedro Salazar and the Architect was Domingo Ortigas.

1639 – Invasion of the Chinese pirates led by Limahong.  The church was heavily damaged.

1642 – The church was abandoned. The friars moved to Pandacan.

1645 – The church was totally damaged due to a strong earthquake and was  left  untended for 39 years.

1684 -  Reconstruction of the church and convent began.

1688 – The church and the convent were placed under the care of the friars of Sampaloc.

1699 – Don Tomas Endaya supported the reconstruction of the church and the convent.  Volcanic tuff  was used.  The church was dedicated to the Holy Martyrs of Japan of  which  Blessed Peter the Bautista was the leader. The main “retablo”, side altars and the main sanctuary of the chuch were constructed.

1895 – Fr. Ildefonso Dominguez, OFM, the superior, with his community, decided to abandon  the place on the eve of December 24 because of the attacks of the revolutionary forces. It eventually became the headquarters of the Filipino revolutionary forces.

1896 – General Hermogenes, one of the leaders of the revolutionary forces, and some of his men occupied the church until Febuary 27, 1997. General Guillermo took over until July 20, 1898.

1898 – August 16, American soldiers occupied the church and convent.

1912 - Restoration of the Church and convent by Fr. Jose Maria Manjabacas, OFM began. 

1914 -January 28, the newly repaired church was blessed and reconsecrated  to San Pedro Bautista by Fr. Angel Garcia, OFM 

1914 February 5, the first fiesta celebration was held.

1932 – November 11, San Pedro Bautista Church, San Francisco del Monte, was officially declared a parish by a decree issued by the Archbishop of Manila, Michael O'Doherty, DD.

1971 – A new and longer nave was built perpendicular to the  the old church to accommodate a growing number of church-goers. The facade of the new nave followed the California-Mission style. The baroque altar and the two side altars were kept in the former sanctuary and sacristy. The old colonial church now becomes the main sanctuary of the newly rennovated edifice. It was blessed by Bishop Artemio Casas, DD.

1989 – the century-old three  “retablos” were transferred to the main sanctuary in full  view of the faithful.

1990 - February 17, celebration of the 400th-year Foundation Day.

1990 – "Frescoes of the Martyrdom of San Pedro Bautista and Companions (Nagasaki, Japan, 1597) " - painted on the sidewalls of the main sanctuary by the two local artists, Mr. Hermie Cruz and Mr. Paguio.

2001 – February 25, Cardinal Jaime Sin, Archbishop of Manila, conferred the title of  Santuario de San Pedro Bautista (Archdiocesan Shrine) upon the petition of the parish priest,  Fr. Roberto Manansala, OFM and the parishioners. 

2003 – The sanctuary apse (altar wall) was painted with a host of angels by local artists (Cruz and Paguio).